The Engineering Genome Project–Overview

The next phase in HigherEd 2.0 deployment is a new project called the Engineering Genome Project.


These videos give you a sense of what the EGP is all about.  The first three videos are examples of hierarchical taxonomies which grow in complexity as you move down the list.  The mathematics taxonomy is strictly hierarchical, the curriculum taxonomy has a strong hierarchy in addition to other linkages (representing pre-requisite relationships), and the engineering genome has a hierarchical element along with the use of tags and embedded multimedia. Each of the mock-up taxonomies was created using software called Personal Brain, a mind-mapping software which powerfully illustrates relationships among ideas.  We do not expect to use the Personal Brain for the full implementation of the Engineering Genome.  Instead, as detailed in the proposal, our “coding team” will develop a custom back-end environment with powerful relational features, a rich tag set, and embedded analytics.

The final video, on the front end, is a voice-over description of Figure 1 from the proposal discussing the key elements of the user interface.

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